Below are links to topics that illustrate historical lessons that will help us follow the correct path as we travel the road of life.  First, let us remove our shoes and feel the grace of walking the coble stone streets leading to the ancient towns and villages of Israel. 

Click the Links below to begin your walk.  (Don’t forget to remove your sandals.)

Troubled Sea

Troubled Sea is taken from Mark 4:35

There may come times in our lives when Christ appears to us to be asleep. During the fiercest storms in our lives … Is he there?  He Hears our prayers. He gives us peace and reassurance.  When our spirit is swept by the storms of life .. trust in Jesus.

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Feast of Tabernacles

Feast of Tabernacles is taken from John 7:37-46

If we do not thirst, we will not care to come to the well to drink.  Souls are dying all around us.  Not because there is no water near, but because they are not thirsty. Jesus speaks to one of the great invitations in the gospels .. “If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.”

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   Visit to Nazareth

Visit To Nazareth is taken from Luke 4:16-30

Christ never forgot the place where he had spent his childhood years. But on one visit .. something had changed.  Jesus boyhood friends where full of prejudice and envy and not in the mood to receive him, let alone to have him preach to them. As his custom, he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath and was asked to speak to the crowd.

Jesus knew their thoughts and could feel the tension that ran through the crowd that day.  When he stood to speak the feelings in the synagogue turned to hate.

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The Power of Faith

Power of Faith is taken from Matthew 9: 18-34

Scripture tells us only a very small amount of Jesus activities, words and healings.  When we come to Jesus asking Him to do anything for us, He wants to know if we believe that He is able to do what we ask. If we believe and have faith .. Jesus can give us whatever we ask.  The power of Faith can work miracles.

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Christ Betrayed

Christ Betrayed is taken from John 18: 1-13

It was Thursday, late evening, Christ prayed.  He prayed.  He prayed for himself, his disciples, and for all believers.  He knew it was time to set out on His journey to the cross.  He was the Son of God, but he sought strength and help in prayer and communion with His Father.  Praying in Gethsemane made the darkness of Calvary less dark and less bitter.

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