Power Of Faith

Scripture tells us only a very small amount of Jesus activities and words.  The Apostle John mentions in His gospel that all the books that have ever been written couldn’t hold all his words and encounters.  Comparatively .. only a few of our Lord’s healings are recorded also.

He seems never to have refused to heal anyone who came to Him, or anyone who was brought to Him.

Sometime there were exceptional case’s.  Jesus healed some when others might wonder why.  Case in point .. the ruler from the synagogue with a sick child. (Matthew 9: 18-34)  The ruler was not a friend of Jesus.  He probably disliked Jesus very much.  But the urgency and his great distress led him to seek healing for his child, even in spite of his prejudice against Jesus.

Trouble comes just as inevitable to the mansions of the great and rich as to the homes of the poor.  No one is exempt.  There are no walls so high or doors so strong that can exclude sickness, troubles, and death.  This is a excellent example ..  the child was very sick.

We send for physicians in times of sickness.  And this is good.  Physicians are God’s minsters of healing.  Is there anyone else we should call.  Yes .. we should also send for Christ.  He has the power to heal.  Life is His gift to us. Health is His alone to give.  Medicines are given to the doctors for healing through Christ.  Only through Christ can anyone be restored from illness.

Jesus arose at once at the rulers request and followed him to his home.  Seems strange.  The man was probably unfriendly to Jesus.  He really didn’t ask for Jesus ‘ help, he sort of told Jesus his problem, and suggested that he come to his house and heal his daughter.

Jesus arose quickly and followed the ruler.  But this had always been the case.  Jesus didn’t wait or question a person to see if they were worthy of helping, when it came to sickness or pain.  He acted immediately.

He is as quick to hear and as prompt to answer our cries today as he was back then.  He is always at our call.  He never has so much to do or so many calls to answer that He cannot attend to our needs.  When we come to Him with any need, Jesus only task is to attend to our needs.

Like Jesus, we should be quick to respond to the calls of needy and distress’s about us.  We ought to train our hearts to be thoughtful, and our hands to be quick and gentle to do ministry in Christ’s name.

As Jesus was hurrying to the rulers house, there was an interruption.  A woman came up behind Him, and touched the hem of His garment.  The street was packed with people pushing and shoving.  Everyone wanted for an opportunity to get near to the Healer, to touch Him.

We can do that today can’t we.  Through prayer.  We can come near enough to Christ to reach out a trembling finger and touch His garment and find healing.  We can reach out and touch Him through prayer.

To touch the border of Christ’s garment is to touch Christ Himself.  Draw close to Christ in prayer.  He is life, He is love, He is spirit and He is grace.

Jesus stopped quietly and turned to see the woman who had touched Him.  How did He know that one touch amid all the jostling of the crowd?  The multitudes were close about Him, pressing up against Him.  Many of the people just wanted to touch Him.  Its strange that He should ask such a question.  Who touched me?

One touch was different from all the others. There was something in it which sent a chill through Him.  There was a heart crying out.  A earnest cry for help.  It was a touch of faith.  It was intentional.  This was a soul’s cry for help.  Amid all the rude pressure of the multitude, He recognized this touch, and turned about to see who had touched him.

Jesus always knows the touch of true faith among all the touches of this world.  He knows when one person intentionally reaches out a hand to feel for Him, to touch Him with a purpose, with a longing or a desire, turns to answer it.  Jesus knows when a hungry heart wants Him, no matter how obscure or hidden in the crowd the touch is.  He recognizes it.

Notice how gracious in answering the woman’s prayer he is. 

“Daughter, be of good cheer .. rejoice .. your faith has made you well.”

We do not know how long Jesus was detained in healing and comforting the woman, but it must have taken several moments.

Jesus continued on his way to Jairus house to restore his dying child.

When Jesus came into the house he saw the flute-players, and people crying.  The child was dead.  So it seemed that He had tarried too long on the way.  Maybe he ought not to have stopped to heal or talk with the woman.  She could have waited.  The child was dying and there was not a moment to lose.

One thing we have learned about Jesus is that he is never in a hurry.  He never is so much engrossed in one persons needs that He cannot stop to consider another.

He is never to pressed for time that we have to wait our turn.  No matter what He is doing .. He will always hear instantly our cry for need.  And we have also learned that Jesus never comes too late.  He never waits too long.  True, the ruler’s child died while He lingered, but this only have Him an opportunity for a greater miracle.

“The child is only sleeping”, Jesus said.  He cleared the house of all the people knelt down and took the girl by the hand.  She stood up.

Scripture tells us that Jesus performed this type of miracle several more times.  Remember Lazerath and the widows son in Nain.  How many more times?  We don’t know.

Historical accounts tell us that there are other books and records of Jesus life and deeds, but we just do not have access to them.  They remain undiscovered.  Hopefully, one day they will be found.  Several have been discovered recently .. the most interesting .. The Gospel of Thomas.  It was written by the disciple Thomas (Doubting Thomas).

Jesus performed another miracle that day.  When He left the rulers house, two blind men followed Him.

The blind misses all the glorious beauty of this world.  They cannot see where to go and have to be led by the hand everywhere.  They asked Christ to give them sight.  Jesus asked the men, “Do you believe that I am able to do this.”  The men had faith and Jesus healed them.

When we come to Jesus asking Him to do anything for us, he wants to know if we believe that He is able to do what we ask.

Once a father came to Jesus for his demoniac son, and his prayer was, “If thou canst do anything, have compassion on us, and help us.”

But the problem here is the word  ‘ IF ‘, it marred the request.  The father was not sure that Jesus could cure his son.  Jesus sent him back to his son hoping he would get a better look at his faith.

“All things are possible to him that believeth”, Jesus said.  The man returned, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief.  He had faith and Jesus cured the boy.

If we believe and have faith, Jesus can give us whatever we ask.  But we have to show him the strength of our faith.

Faith beloved … The power of Faith can work miracles.
~~ UntilHeReturns ~~