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Is Truth in Biblical antiquity important? 

How important is telling the Truth when we think about the stories and doctrines passed down to us from our Reformation ancestral philosophers. These educators and scribes foresaw that there might be misunderstanding in assumptions that were not specifically declared in the Gospels. Some being crucially important to the truths defined in scriptures.

Example:  They envisioned it would be important for our savior’s parents (Joseph & Mary) to be approximately the same age in order for the early years of Jesus’ life to appear normal to all generations going forward. Truth being, Joseph and Mary were not close in age as our forfathers told us. Joseph was born in 53 B.C. Mary’s birthdate was 21 B.C. This would have made Joseph old enough to be Mary’s father or even grandfather.  Joseph would have been 48 years old when Jesus was born. The Reformation Fathers chose to alter the story from what the truth defined. 

 According to scripture we know Joseph had four son’s and at least two daughters. These other children could not have been children Mary gave birth to. They reported Jesus was the elder child in the family. Why did our 16th Century Fathers believe it was necessary to alter details to reflect a results they thought fit the story better. They chose to try and restructure our beliefs. Was this deception?  If so .. Then for what purpose?

 Another example:  Mary and Joseph were not married.  They were ‘betrothed’.  It was against Jewish laws and tradition for a widower to marry a said unmarried female who was with child. Punishment could be death for both.  There are two phases to a Jewish marital petition. Betrothal and marriage. Regardless to either, the man was responsible for the care and protection of the women. In Jewish culture betrothal and marriage meant basically the same thing. But in the matter of the law, they were separate institutions. What might this mean you could ask. Mary and Joseph were not intimate as husband and wife.  Mary gave birth to only one child .. God’s son .. Christ Jesus.  

Now you might ask .. What difference does any of this make?  It doesn’t change who Jesus is and his story. True, but it tends to cast a shadow over specific incidents and historical paths people of gospel times lived and their stories as related to us from the Reformation Fathers. 

 It comes down to Truth’s.  “Speak to us in Truth’s, not Altered States.”  Don’t read between the lines and construct extended paths that do not relate the truth as given to us by our Father in Heaven.  Do not let someone impress on you their believes or what they would have you believe.  If its not scripture based and witnessed, question once and then question again.   

Peace & Blessings

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