The first Novel in The Jezreel Chronicle’s series. 

Jezreel Sunrise .. Available now in all Bookstores and eBook retailers (Barnes & Nobel, Amazon, etc.)

Next novel in the series coming next year (2023) .. Jerusalem Sunset

Final book in series .. Tribes of Tabor (Planing for 2024)

Additional Details: Jezreel Sunrise

In this new novel you meet James, a young man living in a small rural village in northern Israel with his father, mother, three brothers and two sisters. Join James as he struggles to understand God’s plan for his life when his faith is shaken after witnessing a horrific event south of Jerusalem. James thoughts become clouded by a silent bitterness he harbors toward his step-brother who he blamed for a series of events that continually put the family in danger. Join James and his family as they embark on a journey filled with treachery and danger as their lives become entangled in an adventure that is destined to impact humanity for the next two millennia.

Click this link to read more about James … James bar Joseph

Coming in summer of 2023

Jerusalem Sunset

This story will describe events surrounding crucifixion day and the events that followed.

In Planning:

Tribes of Tabor

An apocalyptic adventure that witness’s the final days of Earth. Two brothers return to earth during the final weeks of the final year of the Tribulation to confront Lucifer.