UHRCares Supports Families

There are many stressful situations that can arise in a families life. Displacement, financial trials, hurtful situations, medical emergencies are just a few. All take a toll on a persons emotions. Sadly the children are caught in the middle. Nothing brings a smile to a child’s face quicker than a stuffed Bunny or Bear, or any soft fluffy animal, except for maybe a pocket full of candy. Actually these treats bring a smile to the face of most adults also. UHRCares visits family service centers and try’s to provide a few of these gifts where possible.

Brightening the smile of a child in need or helping to soften the hurt in parents eyes when they realize they cant supply the small things that make their children smile is a goal that all staff members strive to accomplish. Putting a stuffed animal in the hands of those children is a blessing beyond believe. Watching the smiles warms the heart and soul.

Because UHRCare supplies stuffed animals and children books to Hospitals and Community Service Centers we are asked by our partners to provide only newly purchased animals. The partners are very germ and cleanliness minded folks which we must all agree.

If you are interested in making a donation to our charity we would love for you to become a partner in this amazing challenge we are undertaking. If you feel you would like to help with a donation, please go to our contact page and send us a message and we will be happy to send you information on how to do so. We will also sign you up to receive news letters and updates on our travels and exploits.

How often have you visited the hospital emergency room or surgery waiting room an seen a parent struggling to control or console their children because of an emergency situation. The strain on both parent and child can be almost unbearable. UHRCares provides stuffed animals to the hospital for the staff to hand out to the youngsters.

The UHRCare staff visits hospital waiting rooms, Community Family Service Centers and Soup Kitchens to distribute stuffed animals to the kids and Milky Way candy bars to adults. If the situation is deemed appropriate, we also distribute Starbucks gift cards and McDonalds Happy Meal gift cards when the need arises.

Sometime it only takes small actions that can make a big difference to a child or a family in a stressful situation. Maybe it takes a teddy bear for a child to cuddle up to at night or a floppy-eared bunny to make naptime more comfortable. A stuffed animal can offer reassure to a little one during a stressful day. Sometime maybe a person needs a Milky Way bar and a cup of coffee for a small break during a stressful time. Small actions can make a huge difference in a persons daily travels.

If a family is thought to be in a financial situation to were they can not provide a meal for their children, UHRCare provides the parent with McDonald gift cards for an evening meal.

Again .. If you would like to donate to our non-profit organization UHRCares .. Please go to the Contact page and send us a note. We will contact you.

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