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When our spirit is swept by the storms of Life  ..  Where can we turn?
It only takes a second to show someone you care.

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One of the most common fears humans have is scarcity.  Many folks are afraid of not having enough things or whatever they need to survive.  They are always searching for that point in their life when they finally have enough.  They fool themselves into believing that one day they will have everything they need to be happy, a success in life.  They will have all the money they need, all the possessions their heart desires.  They will obtain the success and happiness they have been striving to reach for so many years.  But is enough really enough?  Does anyone really ever have enough?  There must be more.
Abundance means all things are possible and there is more than enough of everything for everyone.
Let us now shift our focus from some time in the future to the present.  Have you taken the time to see the riches and gifts you already have.  Maybe you need to take the time to learn the true lesson of what is means to be abundantly happy.
As you travel through life you will learn the scary side of life.  We experience the loses, failures, depleted funds/savings.  There are also the heart breaking loses that shape our lives and future.  The lose of health, friends, loved ones, and sadly sometime a marriage.  It takes loses for us to realize that true abundance comes from not amassing things, but rather from appreciating.
No amount of external objects or attention can fill the empty cracks in our lives.  Look within.  Maybe you already have enough abundance in your life.  You may never need to go elsewhere to look for something to fill those cracks in your life.  Be happy with where you are now.  The future will take care of itself.

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